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Back pain can cause us to assume compensations throughout the body. Back care yoga offers a mind-body practice to discover a refined sense of alignment and ease of movement throughout the body. I’ve worked with an array of back conditions including herniated disk(s), stenosis, hyper kyphosis, hyper lordosis, spondylolisthesis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, general back pain, and other back problems. First and foremost, I work with clients to understand their specific back concern and movement patterns. We then focus on increasing awareness, lengthening areas of tightness, strengthening weaknesses, and correcting postural habits and patterns.

I am passionate about caring for your body and especially your spine!

“Jen helped restore my body and mind. Sciatic and back pain caused by several lumbar herniations plagued me with each footstep, a barrier for me to enjoy running in the park or dancing with friends. I learned techniques to help my posture, stretch appropriately, and mindfully workout. The incorporation of yoga seemed to resonate the best with my body’s needs. Each session started with exploring and respecting my limitations. I felt empowered by Jen to truly learn how to comfortably live in my own body, one step at a time.”