Chicago’s First Yoga for Teens with Scoliosis Class!

I am thrilled to share that Chicago’s first Yoga for Teens with Scoliosis class will start in January 2020 at Yoga Circle in River North.  The aim of this series is to provide adolescents who have been diagnosed with scoliosis positive movement experiences, that are safe and helpful for their scoliosis, in a supportive environment.  I’m excited and most honored to create a community for these adolescents.

My hope is that the teens in this class gain a sense of empowerment and that building a community helps contribute to their happiness.  I have seen time and again in classes and workshops that sharing a common experience oftentimes leads to normalization and empowerment.  And virtually all the academic research on happiness shows that “good social relationships are the strongest, most consistent predicator there is of a happy life.”[i]

I plan to structure the class around both learning yoga and building community.  Yoga offers physical and psychological benefits, which can help those of us with scoliosis and spinal fusions.  The practice will focus on the fundamentals of working with scoliosis: breath, neutral spine, axial elongation, global expansion, and dynamic alignment. I will share insights on addressing pain patterns and muscular tension specific to each individual’s scoliosis.  And my experience has always been that the community building activities and time spent getting to know each other will contribute to dealing with the psychological challenges and social pressures that adolescents face as a result of treatment for scoliosis.

The class series will run Sundays from January 12th to February 5th 4pm-5pm at Yoga Circle in River North – 401 W Ontario, Ste 210, Chicago, IL  60654.  Appropriate for ages 11-17, class size limited to 8, no prior experience with yoga necessary.  Interested students should register as soon as possible as class will fill to capacity. Parents and teens, please don’t hesitate to reach out with question.  Email me at


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[i] Whippman, Ruth.  “Happiness Is Other People.” New York Times, October 27, 2017.