Continuing Series Pilates Props

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Why do we use props?

Props can help us have a better experience in class by providing feedback, resistance, assistance with balance, and support. They can also help us find our center and a better sense of alignment.  We frequently use the Theraband and door anchor listed below. If you’re registered in a series for continuing students, please prioritize these props. We use the foam rollers every couple of weeks.


I believe that your health should not be cost-prohibitive!

Many household items can substitute for props such as books for blocks, pant belts for yoga belts, and dining room chairs for folding metal chairs. You may find that it takes a bit more time to set up with these alternatives and that sometimes additional modifications are needed. The props can help facilitate a positive, easier experience in class so please allow yourself patience with these alternatives while you build your stock of props.

TheraBand CLX Resistance Band with Loops

This is a great Theraband with built-in loops for hands and feet. It’s easy to set up and to use! Most students use the green color (heavy) or blue color (extra heavy) for arm work and sometimes the heavier black color (special heavy) for legs.  Please make sure you select the color you want prior to adding the item to your cart.

Manificent Door Anchor for Resistance Bands

A door anchor is generally the easiest way to adjust the Theraband to the desired height during class. You may also use a heavy piece of furniture, a stair rail, etc.

Power Systems Versa Loops, 12″ in Diameter, Green, Light Resistance

Versa Loops are an easy way to create a short loop to add resistance to movements such as clams, bridges, lateral band walks, monster walks, and squats.  The 12″ diameter works for most people above the knees or at the ankles. I like the light resistance (green color). If you desire more resistance, try the medium resistance (red color).  I love the quality of the Power Systems brand. These bands won’t break!

OPTP Pro-Roller Soft Density Foam Roller – Blue 36 Inch

This soft density roller is the most optimal for most people because it has a little give and feels more comfortable. Generally, we use the roller as an unstable surface to increase the challenge of movements.

Affiliate Disclosure

These are items I personally use and love. If you make a purchase through one of these affiliate links, there is no additional cost to you. I’ll earn some money for coffee, which I promise to drink while supporting your journey.