Introduction to Pilates Props

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Many household items can substitute for props such as books for blocks, pant belts for yoga belts, and dining room chairs for folding metal chairs. You may find that it takes a bit more time to set up with these alternatives and that sometimes additional modifications are needed. The props can help facilitate a positive, easier experience in class so please allow yourself patience with these alternatives while you build your stock of props.

Why do we use props?

Props can help us have a better experience in class by providing feedback, resistance, assistance with balance, and support. They can also help us find our center and a better sense of alignment.

Gaiam Essential Yoga Blocks

If you only have two blocks, I suggest foam blocks.  Foam blocks are cushier, lighter, and easier to transport.  They can feel gentle on muscles and joints.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork blocks give you more support when balance is a consideration.  They feel stronger, heavier, and more stable.  The hard surface can provide quality feedback when needed.

Samadhaan Double Thickness Short and Long Adjustable Yoga Strap

The Samadhaan Yoga Strap is in the style of a Pune Belt or India Belt. The buckle is rectangular in shape and metal so it’s extremely safe with no slipping or breaking. The short belt (6 feet) and long belt (12 feet) come as a set!

Another option is ordering each separately from IYANAUS:
Pune Belt 6 Foot and Pune Belt 12 Foot.

Folding Metal Chair

Folding metal chair or any chair that is light in weight. My favorite option is this black steel folding chair and if you want to make it into a backless yoga chair then just hammer out the back. Yoga supply stores and Amazon sell yoga chairs with the back already removed.

Yoga Blanket

Yoga blankets are used for providing cushion and support such as under the knees in a quadruped position or under the head in a side lying position.  They can also help support the body in difficult shapes such as sitting up on 2-3 folded blankets instead of sitting on the floor.  And last, blankets can help you stay warm in relaxation poses or during meditation.  I recommend these blankets because they are high quality and firm.

Affiliate Disclosure

These are items I personally use and love. If you make a purchase through one of these affiliate links, there is no additional cost to you. I’ll earn some money for coffee, which I promise to drink while supporting your journey.