Introduction to Pilates for People with Scoliosis

Bonus Video: Osteoporosis and the Spine

There is a correlation between osteoporosis and bone degeneration, which can lead to progression of scoliosis as well as adjacent segment disease.  I interviewed world renown Schroth Therapist, Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky, on this subject.  Much of this video discusses hyperkyphosis, which is when our shoulder round forward, the spine rounds back, and the head moves forward.  There are also sections on scoliosis and spinal fusions.  The timestamps below can can help you navigate through the video with ease.

0:22 Introductions

7:38 Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky’s publications

7:43 What is osteoporosis?

16:36 Osteoporosis and fractures

18:29 Spinal compression fractures

23:20 Osteoporosis and hyperkyphosis

24:10 Osteoporosis symptoms, signs, quality of life, future risk considerations

26:28 Simple tests for to assess possibility of vertebral fractures

28:05 What is osteoporosis and its relationships with hyperkyphosis?

36:50 What can people do to prevent osteoporosis?

39:30 Exercise and osteoporosis

45:15 Exercises recommended for people with osteoporosis

1:03:15 Bracing and osteoporosis

1:05:56 Spinal stenosis and osteoporosis

1:17:10 Scoliosis and osteoporosis

1:19:18 Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, teens, and Vitamin D

1:24:46 Adults, scoliosis, and osteoporosis

1:30:42 Scoliosis, spinal fusions, and osteoporosis

1:33:27 Summary

1:35:50 Q&A