Introduction to Pilates for People with Spinal Fusions

Focus Exercise SF: Legs Up the Wall

This video is one of the focus exercises for the week.  Try to repeat it 2-3 times before our next class together.

Legs up the wall or Viparita Karani involves many beneficial actions for people with spinal fusions: creasing at the hips, passively opening the chest, passively lengthening the backs of the legs, calming the nervous system, relieving tension, and relaxing the body. I find this pose beneficial when I can’t sleep and when I’m experiencing a migraine. It’s one of my favorite poses alongside Chair Savasana!

0:00 Introduction
0:36 Option 1 – Getting into the pose
1:23 Option 2 – Getting into the pose
2:06 Yoga blanket support
4:40 Closing

Inspiring health and happiness!