Introduction to Pilates for People with Scoliosis

Focus Exercise Video: Puppy Pose

This video is one of the focus exercises for the week.  Try to repeat it 2-3 times before our next class together.

Puppy Pose, or Uttana Shishosana, is a wonderful yoga pose to decompress the spine and deepen the hip crease. In addition, breathing in this prone like position is a marvelous opportunity to expand the back ribs and open the lungs. There are many variations of this pose.

Tips and tricks:

⭐ If you use a block at the forehead make sure the neck is elongated in the front and back. This may require higher or lower support, depending upon your needs.
⭐ Folding the mat and pushing it away from you activates the arms and the torso to create more axial elongation and decompression of the concavities.
⭐ Pulling the edges of the mat apart, spins the upper arm bones into external rotation, creates more global expansion, and widens the concavities.
⭐ You can also fold your arms and place your hands, one on top of another, to rest your forehead for a more restorative version of this pose.
⭐ For some people, Puppy Pose may serve as an alternative to Child’s Pose.

Inspiring health and happiness!