Introduction to Pilates for People with Spinal Fusions

Focus Exercise Video SF: Chair Savasana

This video is one of the focus exercises for the week.  Try to repeat it 2-3 times before our next class together.

Chair Savasana is a wonderful way to rest for people with spinal fusions. You can soften in this savasana at the end of your yoga practice, after other types of physical activities or after a long day, and even before bed. The body position for chair savasana naturally decompresses the parts of the spine that aren’t fused and simultaneously calms the nervous system. In fact, Nachemson’s research shows that lying down with hips and knees flexed can reduce disc pressure by 60%-75% as compared to standing.

0:00 Introduction
1:32 Setup
3:22 Guided Relaxation
6:00 Resting In the Pose
9:25 Coming Out of the Pose

Tips and tricks:
⭐ Make sure your head is supported enough that your forehead is gently above the nose.
⭐ Allow the entirety of your calves to rest on the seat of the chair.
⭐ Lay down blankets to create a soft surface for your spine.
⭐ If you are experiencing back pain, try placing a cool pack under your back and a heating pad on your abdomen.

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