Introduction to Pilates for People with Spinal Fusions

Focus Exercise Video SF: Foot Intrinsics

This video is one of the focus exercises for the week.  Try to repeat it 2-3 times before our next class together.

I love foot intrinsics! Our feet can help support our body and spine. Modern living doesn’t always allow us to fully articulate our feet, and the articulation decreases even more during the winter months when we wear boots. Foot intrinsics help us understand where we bear weight through our feet (inside edge, outside edge, balls, or toes), which may affect our joints up the chain (knees, hips, and spine). In addition, foot intrinsics reveal important information about uneven weight bearing through the lower extremities and the pelvic shift that can commonly occur with spinal fusions and scoliosis. These exercises increase awareness and help address asymmetries through the lower extremities and feet.

If you need to use your hands to assist your toes, please do so mindfully so as not to comprise your back. Try to hinge from the hips. ⭐ Pro tip: hold a foam block length wise and use it to help press your toes into the ground! Do so with as lengthened as a spine as possible instead of rounding the spine towards the back body or ceiling.

Inspiring health and happiness!