Introduction to Pilates for People with Spinal Fusions

Setting Up for Live Class

What to Wear

Please wear clothes in which you feel comfortable moving.  I am able to see you better if the clothes are somewhat form fitting and lighter in color.  If you’d like feedback during class, please take this into consideration.

How to Set Up the Camera

Please use the Zoom square on your screen that has the view of your space to make sure that as much of your body is in the camera as possible.  I will try to spotlight myself when I demonstrate an exercise and then I will talk everyone through what I demonstrated together. If I forget to spotlight myself, don’t hesitate to ask me to spotlight.

There are times that we will lie on the floor and other times we will come to standing.  Sometimes it’s interesting to change the view so that in one class I see you from the side and in another class I see you from head to foot.  In addition, there are times that we will use a wall as a prop.

I try to let people know if I don’t see them well.  This being said, I believe that it’s more important for you to experience class than to have the perfect camera angle.


If you have lots of background noise, please mute yourself.  If your microphone is on the the base of your device, please know that sliding your device around on the floor or another surface may create a lot of background noise.  I will mute people if there is background noise so please don’t worry too much about this.