Movement as Nutrition

Happy Fall 2020!  I can’t believe it’s the middle of October.  As the cold weather starts to settle in, I’m encouraging all of us to make a movement plan for winter.  Winter usually presents ample challenges as far as our movement and exercise plans, but the pandemic makes things even more complicated.

I recently read a social media post from Schroth physical therapist, Meredith Weiss of Kioko Therapy, that suggested we think of movement along the same lines as nutrition.  Getting a variety of exercise is vital for a well-balanced body.  One way to think about variety in movement might include cardio, strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection.

More and more these days I’m thinking about my movement nutrition as fine movement and gross movement.  Fine movement includes yoga and Pilates where I’m intentionally focusing on quality of movement, axial elongation, and expansion of the concavities that result from my scoliosis and spinal fusion.  Fine movement tends to activate the deep intrinsic stabilizers in our body, which are important to stabilizing scoliosis.

Gross movement are larger and hopefully get our lungs and heart going.  I am so fortunate that these days gross movement for me includes hiking, biking, as well as a modified version of The New York Times 7-minute Workout (blog post to come).   In the winter, I’m hoping that my gross movement will include cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and hiking.  Gross movement involves both the deep intrinsic stabilizer as well as the larger, extrinsic muscle groups.  Some additional options for gross movement might include a lunch time dance party or a brisk walk.

Did you notice that I left out mind-body connection?  These days I think that anytime we turn off our phone, email, or tv and devote time to intentionally and mindfully moving, we connect our mind and body.  If you haven’t yet created a movement plan for the coming winter months, please do so. And if you need help with ideas or have ideas to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to me –!