Pilates with Scoliosis

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Many people with scoliosis choose Pilates based programs to maintain their fitness.  Pilates helps people with scoliosis by focusing on improved postural alignment as well as by providing a safe fitness option to increase flexibility, strength, and movement fluidity.  In addition, Pilates may help ease the pain that some people with scoliosis experience.

I specialize in developing safe and enjoyable Pilates programs with appropriate exercise modification for clients who have scoliosis by focusing on the following key principles:

  • Neutral spine and neutral pelvis
  • Breath and global expansion
  • Axial elongation and core control
  • Organization of the head, neck, and shoulders
  • Alignment and weight bearing of the extremities
  • Movement integration

I am well versed in other spine conditions that may present in adults as a result of scoliosis such as stenosis, spondylolisthesis, herniations, fusions, arthritis, and pain due to asymmetrical loading of the spine over time.

“Jen, thanks very much for your very strong powers of observation and for providing me with useful feedback in the class we just completed.  Every modification you suggested yesterday helped a lot with my arm injury, and the first thing we did in class was a wonderful spinal elongation. You have given me more individual feedback in your recent Zoom classes than I have ever before received in a class. Thank you for your observation and feedback!”