Pilates with a Spinal Fusion

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For people with spinal fusions, a Pilates based exercise program can provide a safe, fun, and challenging fitness option to whole body health.  Spinal fusion surgery causes rigidity of the spine and altered movement patterns. An understanding of spinal fusions, scoliosis when applicable, and appropriate modifications is especially important to avoid injury.

pilates for spinal fusions

We are well versed in working with long spinal fusions that extend from the thoracic down to the lumbar due to scoliosis as well as shorter spinal fusions that impact one or two segments due to stenosis, a herniated disk, or arthritis.  We focus on the following principles for people with spinal fusions:

  • Unloading of and stability in the adjacent segments above and below the fusion
  • Neutral spine and neutral pelvis
  • Breath and global expansion
  • Axial elongation and core control
  • Organization of the head, neck, and shoulders
  • Alignment and weight bearing of the extremities
  • Movement integration
spinal fusions pilates

“Thank you, I really appreciated your class on Saturday and the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned this year.  I’m really grateful to have found your classes – not only have I learned so much from you about movement but I have never before been in an environment where people talk openly and normally about spinal fusions and scoliosis, which I think brings a really important component to my overall wellness journey that was missing for me previously.”

Watch a recorded livestream conversation where Emily Hale, Jen Gorman, and Allie Myszka discuss all things scoliosis, spinal fusions, and Pilates related. They share their scoliosis spinal fusion journey, personal experience with Pilates, approach to working with others who also have scoliosis spinal fusions, and favorite tips for modifying Pilates for people with spinal fusions.