Strength Training Props

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Why do we use props?

Props can help us have a better experience in class by providing feedback, resistance, assistance with balance, and support. They can also help us find our center and a better sense of alignment.  Please plan to have most of the props listed under Introduction to Pilates Props as well as Continuing Pilates Props (at least two Therabands) in addition to the following.  

I believe that your health should not be cost-prohibitive!

Many household items can substitute for props such as books for blocks, pant belts for yoga belts, soup cans for dumbbells, and dining room chairs for folding metal chairs. You may find that it takes a bit more time to set up with these alternatives and that sometimes additional modifications are needed. The props can help facilitate a positive, easier experience in class so please allow yourself patience with these alternatives while you build your stock of props.

Sturdy Box, Milk Crate, or Laundry Basket

There are a variety of objects that we can use such as a sturdy box, milk crate, or small laundry basket.  It’s important that this prop is no larger than 12″x12″ and has handles to pick up.   

Broom Stick, Cane, or Dowel

A broom stick, cane, or dowel, will help us maintain our alignment during hip hinging activities.  Amazon and hardware stores sell dowels of different lengths and diameters. Generally, 36″ to  48″ is the optimal width with 1″ to 1.25″ diameter.  If you want to use this props with a door anchor and OPTP Strap for semi-hanging then I recommend 1.25″ in diameter so that it is thicker for weight bearing. 


Dumbbells, kettlebells, soup cans can all serve as weights (also known as load).  I like to have an array of different dumbbells (1-15lbs) so that it’s possible to increase load in small increments of 2-3 lbs.  You can build your collection slowly as needed through a sporting good store near you, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace. Another option to consider are adjustable dumbbells.

Affiliate Disclosure

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