Strength Training

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personal training for spinal fusions
personal training for scoliosis

I approach strength training in a comprehensive way that focuses on stretching and strengthening muscles as well as improving balance and coordination. During the initial consultation, we have a comprehensive discussion about your health and medical history, current habits, and goals. I frequently use the Functional Movement Screen as a fitness assessment in order to reduce risk of injury and improve physical well-being.

I then use the information collected to create a fun and challenging program tailored to the your specific goals and needs. The program may employ various movement modalities such as body weight strength training, TRX suspension system, free weights, Pilates-based mat work, and yoga. I pride myself on employing creative techniques and loves to geek out over anatomy!

Most importantly, I strive to bring a joy of movement to my clients and a love of being in their bodies.

“I started working with Jen after suffering from a back injury. Her knowledge of the body is impressive, and I felt like each session was carefully planned according to what I needed. Not only did my injury heal, but Jen helped me to get back into shape to avoid any future injuries.”

“I’m very grateful for the way Jen got me moving. Part of me thought she would simply throw her hands up in frustration. I feel much stronger now and never worry about the old injury (cervical fusion) nor do I feel any pain. I’m even running! That’s a miracle. Who thought personal training and yoga would be such an important part of my life.”

Watch a recorded livestream conversation with Eva Butterly, Caroline Freedman, Jen Gorman, Beth Terranova, and Teresa Teuscher. They discuss all things scoliosis, spinal fusions, and strength training related. They share their own scoliosis spinal fusion journey, personal experience with strength training, approach to working with others that also have spinal fusions, and tips for starting a strength training program with a spinal fusion.