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Scoliosis & Spinal Fusions

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Workshops in Chicago September 2022!

Jen Gorman is returning to Yoga Now to teach this very special 2-part workshop focused on back care yoga and yoga with scoliosis!  Space is limited so please register in advance.

These workshops are intended for people (and their friends and family) with back care concerns or conditions, scoliosis, spinal fusions, as well as wellness practitioners who work with such people.  Prior experience with yoga is helpful but all levels may participate. 

Back Care Yoga – Why is axial elongation so important?

Saturday September 17th 1:00pm-3:15pm

Cost:  Prepay $35 // Day of $40
Cost for both workshops:  prepay $69 // Day of $79

In this first part of the day, we’ll explore the shape of the spine and the importance of loading it.  We’ll practice asanas that focus on axial elongation with awareness of how elongation activates our postural muscles.  We will also build our awareness around alignment and the use of props to modify poses for our specific condition or concern.  This workshop is appropriate for people with disc herniations, spondylolisthesis, stenosis, hyper/hypo kyphosis/lordosis, general back pain, as well as scoliosis and spinal fusions.   

This part of the day is highly recommended for those wishing to take the workshop about scoliosis because it focuses on the most important concepts as far as what the research indicates causes pain and progression with scoliosis.

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yoga for scoliosis

Yoga with Scoliosis – Exploring the Concavities & Convexities

Saturday September 17th 4:00pm-6:15pm

Cost:  Prepay $35 // Day of $40
Cost for both workshops:  prepay $69 // Day of $79

In the second part of the day, we’ll focus on scoliosis and its concavities (areas of collapse) and convexities (areas of prominences).  Oftentimes those of us with scoliosis may experience that the back feels overworked, tired, and even fibrotic on one side.  In this series we’ll explore how we might use our yoga practice – awareness, breath, poses – to open and bring awareness to areas of collapse.  Oftentimes this change in focus helps relieve asymmetric tension.  We will also discuss other concerns about living with scoliosis and spinal fusions.

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