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Introduction to Yoga with Scoliosis Workshop in Boise, Idaho

June is Scoliosis Awareness Month!

Join Jen Gorman for this introductory 2-class series focused on practicing yoga with scoliosis.  Oftentimes those of us with scoliosis experience a sense of compression in the spine.  We may also experience that the back feels overworked, tired, and even fibrotic on one side.  In this series we’ll explore how we might use our yoga practice – awareness, breath, poses – to undertake some of these concerns that living with scoliosis entails.

In the first class, we’ll explore the importance of loading the scoliotic spine and how the concepts of axial elongation and gentle traction can assist.  In the second class, we’ll explore concavities (areas of collapse), convexities (prominences), and how using the breath to open up areas of collapse can help soften those overworked, tired, and fibrotic sensations.

This workshop is intended for people (and their friends and family) with scoliosis as well as wellness practitioners who work with clients that have scoliosis.  People with spinal fusions are always welcome. Prior experience with yoga is helpful but all levels may participate.

Cost $59 including 30 days of unlimited yoga.  Please register here.

Introduction to Yoga with Scoliosis in Boise, Idaho July 2022